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BrightChange is launching as a charity to help emerging entrepreneurs commercialize their innovations. Too many entrepreneurs have credible, disruptive ideas that either never "get out of the drawer" or sadly fizzle out after one or two rounds of funding. BrightChange will change that demoralizing reality by providing our wrap-around support ecosystem called BrightEco that will rapidly drive entrepreneurs' innovations to market.

Through our powerful venture accelerator, entrepreneurs, postdocs and EB-5 Visa investors will receive access to

Member BrightVentures will be socially and environmentally responsible, focus on both local and expansive growth, and commit to becoming an ESOP, so that employees have opportunities to impact their companies' growth and prosper from their contributions.

BrightChange will also provide scholarships and fellowships, as well as training and education, data and apps, for helping members to excel in STEM fields, business, finance, investing and community relations.

By embracing the Beacon Model, a start-up venture will succeed through a self-fulfilling series of capitalizations needed for hockey-stick growth. Using this funding strategy, both investors and entrepreneurs seeking high growth will achieve extraordinary financial success and contribute toward bootstrapping communities in need of economic strength and sustainability.

BrightVentures will benefit tremendously from promotion on one of our sponsor's websites, aiWeek Media. Ventures with solid due diligence will be featured on where accredited and other investors can view their explainer videos and then choose to video conference with the founders.

When ready, ventures may receive support for raising funds through Private Placements (Reg D Rule 506(c)) and $5 Million Regulation A (of 1933) public offerings, and, with proof of concept, can list on the Canadian Stock Exchange, the TSX-V, within a year.

Join our effort to launch BrightChange.

We invite you to become involved in BrightChange as a donor, board member, advisor, coop member or venture team. BrightChange will help entrepreneurs, investors and communities bootstrap, grow and sustain like no other accelerator.

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Become a BEST Advisor. Help emerging growth companies on their path to IPO. Pre-IPO investment opportunities. Buyers & Producers Coop membership. Advisor fees set aside and secured in the B&P Credit Union.


BEST Due Diligence

Specialized BEST Advisors provide detailed Due Diligence Reports on emerging ventures for prospective investors. Entrepreneurs access our single-source solution to vet prospective investors worldwide as accredited.


Bright ECO Labs

Fully-funded collaborative resources and environments for learning, researching, testing, collaborating, pursuing patents and licencing, fabricating prototypes with access to supercomputers and a network of support.


Bright ECO Factory

Global manufacturers collaborate to provide strong relationships and high quality, on-demand, price-sensitive production services. A Buyers & Producers Coop supports the growth of emerging ventures.


Bright Plans for ECO Labs

  • Laboratory & Research Institutes
  • Intellectual Property & Patent Legal Support
  • Rapid Prototyping Support
  • 3D Laser Cutters and Routers
  • 3D Fabrication Printers
  • Access to Supercomputers
  • Improbable Technology Accelerator©
  • ECOFactory© Manufacturers Collaborative Support
  • Buyers & Producers Cooperative Membership
  • B&P Credit Union w/ Due Diligence
  • ECOEdu© Educational Resources, Scholarships, Fellowships
  • Research & Writing Assistance
  • Financial, Tax & Administrative Support
  • Workspace & Meeting Space
  • Online Videoconferencing & Video Recording
  • Webinars & Teleconferencing
  • Residential, Dining, Social & Fitness Amenities
  • Support of BEST Advisors & BEST Due Diligence
  • Access to aiWeek Media's Subscribing Investors, Manufacturers & Economic Community Catalysts

Bright Words for Change

The rate of patenting in the United States has been increasing in recent decades and stands at historically high levels. Growth in patent applications slowed after the IT bubble and the Great Recession, but the rate of patenting by U.S. inventors is at its highest point since the Industrial Revolution. Moreover, patents are of objectively higher value now than in the recent past and more evenly dispersed among owners than in previous decades. Still, the United States ranks just ninth in patents per capita using appropriate international metrics, as global competition has increased. BROOKINGS | February 1, 2013
Jonathan Rothwell, José Lobo, Deborah Strumsky, Mark Muro
Inventions, embodied in patents, are a major driver of long-term regional economic performance, especially if the patents are of higher quality. In recent decades, patenting is associated with higher productivity growth, lower unemployment rates, and the creation of more publicly-traded companies. The effect of patents on growth is roughly equal to that of having a highly educated workforce. A low-patenting metro area could gain $4,300 more per worker over a decade’s time, if it became a high-patenting metro area. BROOKINGS | February 1, 2013 
Jonathan Rothwell, José Lobo, Deborah Strumsky, Mark Muro
Comparing the last three surveys polling postdoc researchers—those conducted in 2008, 2010, and 2012—reveals some other trends that reflect shaky job prospects. Right behind advancement, this year’s survey participants ranked “Funding/Grants” as the second most important ingredient for a successful experience. Alarmingly, unemployment after a postdoc rose sharply, from 4% and 2% in 2008 and 2010, to 10% in 2012—mirroring the current average unemployment rate in the European Union and slightly above that in the United States. Science August 24, 2012
Conversations highlight a major source of personal dissatisfaction and emphasize that our (postdocs) pay scale —the current National Institutes of Health stipend for the entry-level postdoctoral fellow is $39,264 a year—does not reflect our training levels and professional experience. Furthermore, there is no merit-based promotion; the stipend just increases yearly by a few hundred dollars. Additionally, many postdocs do not enjoy the common benefits of industry employment,(especially if institutions treat postdocs as outside contractors) such as retirement plans, comprehensive health insurance plans, commuter benefits and any additional perks that a job in industry might offer......A 2010 article published in The Economist reported that between 2005 and 2009,  America produced more than 100,000 doctoral degrees. In the same period, there were only 16,000 new professorships.   As a result, many talented scientists are choosing to abandon their careers in the life sciences in pursuit of more lucrative opportunities. August 1, 2012
Magdia De Jesus
The rich are always going to say that, you know, just give us more money and we'll go out and spend more and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you. But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.
Warren Buffett- Philanthropist and Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

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