William Adams, entertainer, entrepreneur and philanthropist that we all know and love as will.i.am is leading his own BrightChange throughout America and the world. Hats off to this community leader for his vision and disruptive approach to helping those create their own bright economic futures!   Visit the i.am.giving foundation.

From his i.am.angel Foundation:

Founded by will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas, the i.am angel foundation was created to transform communities by addressing modern-day challenges including; housing foreclosures, unemployment, lack of funding and access to quality education, and an increasingly competitive marketplace. By taking a holistic approach, the i.am angel foundation provides comprehensive programs and resources to children and families to help break the cycle of poverty.

will.i.am launched his private foundation in 2009 (formerly known as i.am angel foundation, presently known as i.am.giving foundation) around the idea of providing assistance to needy students wanting to attend college through a program entitled "i.am scholarship." In 2012, in response to individuals, corporations, and funders expressing interest in supporting similar charitable activities, will.i.am created "i.am.angel foundation", which is seeking public charity status with the appropriate taxing authorities. The foundation will be striving to trans4m lives through education, inspiration and opportunity, including by providing funding for other charitable activities, such as i.am.College Track, i.am.scholarship, i.am.STEAM and i.am.home.