Our Virtuous Circle© illustrates how BrightECO©, our sponsor Beacon Investment Partner's economic growth powerhouse, helps investors, ventures and mainstreets everywhere prosper!

When a BrightVenture© — a new company, emerging venture team, postdoc, STEM innovator or inventor, EB-5 Visa founder or any entrepreneur seeking funding — jumps into the Virtuous Circle©, they enter the fully-supported  economic growth ecosystem of BrightECO©.

As you will see, BrightChange provides vital services within the circle by supporting the commercialization of  high-tech, disruptive, scalable ideas, services and products.

BrightChange does this through BEST Advisors©, its highly-skilled advisor, mentor and coaching network , its highly-detailed, BEST Due Diligence© independent  research, BEST Improbably Technology Accelerator©,   a manufacturers' collaborative, BrightFactoryOnline finance and business courses, fellowships, scholarships and more.

BrightChange is engaged in the Virtuous Circle again after a supported BrightVenture© grows, prospers and is ready to give back. Each BrightVenture© will be asked to donate their first $1 million in charitable giving to BrightChange, so that other early ventures can receive BrightChange services.