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Welcome to BEST Advisory at BrightChange

BrightChange provides access to mentoring, coaching and support through BEST Advisors so that entrepreneurs, inventors and PostDocs can get their innovations commercialized.Can you help pre-IPO emerging venture teams get their innovations commercialized?

We are inviting distinguished, proven professionals to coach, mentor and serve BrightVentures on their way to success. If you are interested in becoming a BEST Advisor and you have the experience, leadership, tenacity and connections to help early-stage entrepreneurs, please consider joining.  BEST Advisors pay no fees, are chosen by ventures seeking your talents and experience,  may serve as business angels and mentors, as well as providing services on an ad hoc, per diem rate basis.

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After joining BEST Advisors, we will ask you to answer questions that will help match your skills, experience, location, travel expectations and more with venture teams who seek your qualities. You will be able to complete these questions as you have time. Once completed you will be contacted by a BrightChange director to discuss opportunities.

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BEST Advisors have the ability to impact emerging ventures in important ways through leading, mentoring, coaching, teaching and serving entrepreneurs, PostDocs, EB-5 Visa Founders, innovators and inventors.

Your impact to encourage sustainable economic growth in local communities where ventures locate can be powerful.

If you have not read our advisor rewards, please learn more about the benefits of BEST. You will gain as much or more than you give.


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