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Welcome to BEST Advisors

We Invite Distinguished Professionals to Join the BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce to Advise Early-stage Entrepreneurial Ventures.

BrightChange is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and inventors drive their scalable innovations, products and services to market.

If you are an accomplished professional advisor and mentor and/or a business angel seeking to invest in emerging-growth, disruptive companies before they go public, apply to JOIN BEST ADVISORS to help entrepreneurs, communities and you prosper and sustain growth.

» More about BEST ADVISOR REWARDS like pre-IPO founder's shares below.

BrightChange helps venture teams by providing free or low cost access to BrightECO© labs, supercomputers, 3D technologies, patent optimization and application guidance, IP support, improbable technology acceleration, our BEST Manufacturers Collaborative, entrepreneur and investor education and training, our Buyers & Producers Coop for member-only buying and selling and our B&P Credit Union for vetting accredited investors across the globe, low interest loans and credit transactions.

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We also provide opportunities for accredited investors and early-stage entrepreneurial start-up ventures to meet face-to-face online through our sponsor aiWeek Media's private, secure interactive featured venture Daily Deal Portal.

Once venture teams become part of the BrightChange economic growth ecosystem called BrightECO©, they are able to jump into our Virtuous Circle© of support, based on Beacon Investment Partners' Beacon Model©.

That means that our BrightVentures© – inventors, postdocs, EB-5 Visa founders and entrepreneurs – can receive independent, unbiased BEST Due Diligence Reports that give investors the data and confidence they need to invest in early-stage companies.

BrightChange connects BrightVentures © with funding support that enables new companies to offer public securities through Regulation A Offering Memorandums with BDC standby underwriting that ensures ventures will reach their projected funding goal if they cannot successfully raise the full Reg A amount.

In most cases, shareholders may use Regulation A to resell up to $1.5 million of securities. The "test the waters" provisions of Regulation A allow companies to publish or deliver a written document to prospective purchasers or make scripted radio or television broadcasts to determine whether there is an interest in their contemplated securities offering before filing an offering statement with the SEC. This gives companies the opportunity of being able to determine whether enough market interest in their securities exists before they incur the full range of legal, accounting, and other costs associated with filing an offering statement with the SEC.

Companies may not, however, solicit or accept money for securities offered under Regulation A until the SEC staff completes its review of the filed offering statement and the company delivers offering materials to investors. Accredited investor exemption—Section 4(a)(5) of the Securities Act exempts from registration offers and sales of securities to accredited investors when the total offering price is less than $5 million Regulation A Offering Memorandums with BDC standby underwriting that ensures ventures will reach their projected funding goal if they cannot successfully raise the full Reg A amount.

The Reg A securities offering, when combined with the other resources or the Beacon Model© of corporate funding, enables entrepreneurial venture teams and EB-5 founding investors to list their new companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX-V within one year of proof of concept, while retaining significant ownership and control of their new company.

SO WHAT IS MISSING? YOU! It is advisors - professionals and business angels - like you who enable entrepreneurs to succeed. Founders need mentors and coaches, highly specified, proven professionals to teach and guide them, to help them pivot, to connect them with the people and resources they need to rapidly reach their customers. So, please consider joining BEST Advisors and you will be able to work with venture teams who need your skills.

Opportunities exist for advisors to volunteer as mentors and coaches on a pro bono basis. Ventures will have "set aside" fees held in the B&P Credit Union for compensating BEST Advisors on an ad hoc, per diem basis. Advisors will also be invited to become credit union members to take advantage of its considerable benefits like low interest loans and more.

Once a BEST Advisor, you will be invited into the Buyers & Producers Coop, which will offer members special discounts, buying and selling opportunities, phenomenal, member-only sponsorship and promotional discounts on aiWeek Media's online magazine featuring unbiased experts in financial, business, STEM research and luxury lifestyle, with a membership targeting millionaires. You will also have the opportunity to sell your products and services to coop members as a member advisor with service ratings that ventures, investors and other advisors can trust.

BEST Advisors skilled in conducting due diligence will be invited by BrightChange to research and report on BrightVentures© so that potential investors will be confident in investing in the dealflow of ventures featured on aiWeek Media.

New SEC Rules Leave Entrepreneurs Facing Dire Consequences

As a result of the new SEC rules requiring entrepreneurs offering securities to ensure their North American and international investors are accredited by every country’s standards, BrightChange will launch an international BEST DUE DILIGENCE INITIATIVE for ENTREPRENEURS to help defray the costs of conducting due diligence on every potential investor.

More about BEST Due Diligence

Can you help with Due Diligence to research accredited investors across the globe or in your home country?

Call 305.735.3827 to discuss how you can contribute to BrightChange. You will be part of something extraordinary!

Advisor Rewards You Can Take to the Bank


BEST Advisors Reap Rewards

In return for BEST members’ commitment and expertise, highly contributing advisors will have the option to purchase Founders’ Units with EO-IPO Rights at 1/1000th of a penny which, within approximately five years, following a self-fulfilling capitalization plan that includes trading on Canada’s exchange, the TSX-V, and subsequent interlisting on a US Exchange (NYSE or NASDAQ) after exercising accompanying EO-IPO rights, anticipated to be valued between $7 to $8 per share.

BEST Advisors are invited to become members of the Buyers & Producers Coop and the B&P Credit Union. Benefits of coop membership include discounted goods and services, the ability to promote advisor services on aiWeek Media at significant savings and the ability to sell advisors' goods and services through the coop to BrightChange members.

Advisors may seek low interest loans and other buyer /seller credit services from the B&P Credit Union, and also be assured of payment by venture teams whose set-aside funds for paying advisors will be held in their credit union account.

BEST Advisors may also contribute to the growth of  emerging ventures by joining their management teams, adding the value of their specialized expertise, experience and insights.

Complimentary membership rewards from aiWeek Media.

Enjoy Complimentary Memberships

BEST Advisors who recommend an advisor, business angel or mentor who is accepted into BEST Advisors will also receive a complimentary year-long membership to, an online investor-venture daily dealflow video collaboration portal teeming with financial, business and STEM research, commentary, blogs, editorial content, lifestyle resources, member-only auctions and classifieds, BEST of aiWeek recommendations and rewards programs, networking and clubs, special events live and online, community connections and so much more.

BEST Advisors have special access to promote their services to ventures and other subscribers of aiWeek Media, as well as enjoying membership with incomparable benefits included in the Buyers & Producers Coop and B&P Credit Union.

aiWeek Media delivers the targeted content, recommendations, rewards and benefits BEST Advisors need to succeed in business and investing. Subscribing members will have access to webinars, special events, member rewards programs, member-only high-end classifieds and auctions, unbiased financial and investing articles that are not underwritten by the financial services corporations.

aiWeek Media Sponsors BrightChange

Presenting exclusive early-stage, high growth venture deals with private videoconferencing between member investors and venture teams

BEST Advisors  are the central resource in the BrightECO© economic growth ecosystem aimed at helping investors and entrepreneurs profit, building strong, sustainable communities from the ground up. By following the Beacon Model© and jumping into the Virtuous Circle©BEST Advisors  can mentor high-growth businesses to drive new jobs, with employees who have ownership and pride in the company in which they are a vital player.

How Does Investing in Pre-IPO Ventures Like aiWeek Media Highly Benefit BEST Advisors?

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So why would I become a BEST Advisor?

BEST BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce

BEST Advisors (BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce) work with some of the brightest emerging inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, PostDocs and EB-5 Visa founders in America. Venture teams excel with the guidance of BEST mentors, coaches and specialized service professionals who will help venture teams to quickly get their ideas and products to market.

BrightChange envelopes entrepreneurs with the funding strategies and resources they need to pursue and augment patents, access 3D  scanning, routing, prototyping and fabrication, develop, test, manufacture and distribute their products and services. BEST Advisors help entrepreneurs identify and mobilize the legal, financial, scientific, medical, environmental and engineering experts required for a successful launch through their Regulation A public offering to listings on the TSX-V, the Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange - Venture and subsequent interlistings on an American Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ or NYSE,  for their Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

BEST Advisors is an international collaborative community of highly experienced, proven professionals. Interested professionals and business angels are highly encouraged to join, as we are the community network that underlies the success of BrightChange.

Membership in BEST is entirely FREE and requires no further obligation.

BEST Advisors provide both pro bono and ad hoc, per diem rate services for high growth, disruptive, scalable emerging ventures on demand and as needed. Learn more below about how to join and the terrific benefits, perks and rewards BEST Advisors enjoy—beyond knowing that you'll help American innovation invigorate the economy and stimulate jobs in communities most in need of sustainable growth.

Become a BEST Advisor today if you would like to join to serve emerging, high-growth, disruptive new ventures on the path to going public.

Intellectual Property, Patent and Business Attorneys
Financial and Banking Services
Environmental Sciences
Administrative Services
 Privacy and CyberSecurity Services  
GPS and Location Services
Recruiting, HR and Talent
 Retail and Sales  
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