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  • BrightVisionary for $2 million

  • BrightBenefactor for $1 million

  • BrightSponsor for $500,000 to $999,999

  • BrightContributor for $100,000 to $499,999

  • BrightDonor for $25,000 to $499,999

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You can help Ignite the Blaze of BrightChange with Your Gift

With your philanthropy, BrightChange will help innovators and inventors get their projects and products to market. BrightChange differs from traditional accelerators because we offer BrightECO©, our economic growth ecosystem that provides due diligence on accredited investors in compliance with new SEC rules, independent due diligence on emerging ventures, an expert advisor network, free or low cost research prototyping, research, a lending library, a Buyers & Producers Cooperative and the B&P Credit Union for our BrightVentures©.

Many BrightVentures© with favorable due diligence will receive Beacon Investment Partners' support to seek private placements, Regulation A offerings and other Beacon Model© strategies that will enable founders and EB-5 investors to raise the funds they need to avoid traditional venture capital, raise public funding and retain more control of the company they have worked so hard to create. BrightVentures© who jump into the BrightECO Virtuous Circle©, receiving Beacon support, will be socially, environmentally and local growth-focused enterprises with employee-owned ESOPs proven to strengthen local economic stability and growth.

It is our volunteers, advisors and contributors like you who help entrepreneurs, postdocs, EB-5 founders and inventors commercialize their innovations with a focus on revitalizing Main Street.

For more information about contributing as a donor, board member or volunteer, please email us or call George Beard at 305.735.3827 to learn more about the rewards and opportunities offered to our philanthropic investors.

Mostly, you will have the power to Ignite BrightChange for entrepreneurs and neighborhoods who need our help.


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