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BrightChange ECOLabs© give inventors and entrepreneurs the tools and technology required for success

Labs, Data & Resources | Improbable Technology Accelerator | Buyers & Producers Coop | Crowdsourcing & Data Analytics

PostDocs, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and EB-5 Visa Founders often have few options and even scarcer funding to pursue the research, prototyping and development needed to get their ideas and inventions to market. BrightChange wants to change that by providing alternatives to university licensing and depending on grants that are no longer available.

BrightChange provides the labs, 3D prototyping technologies, supercomputers and big data access for BrightChange innovators. Through the Beacon Model© of early-stage venture funding, postdocs, entrepreneurs and EB-5 Visa founders can seek private and public funding that will enable them to grow rapidly as venture teams access shared, free and discounted laboratories, research, big data and prototyping technologies.

Membership the Buyers & Producers Coop enables entrepreneurs to borrow or buy the equipment and tools needed from coop members who share our vision to help early-stage companies prepare for launching their products.  BrightChange will collaborate with existing sharing and open source movements to strengthen that of BrightChange.

BrightChange will develop research institutes and other accessible coop resources throughout the United States, including New York City, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Washington DC; Canada: Kitchener & worldwide offering accelerated development, prototyping and fabrication labs, including 3D scanners, routers, laser cutters, printers, design tools, data centers and supercomputers, financial, security, legal, business, due diligence, administrative and other vital support resources. These locations will offer venture teams & mentors the creature comforts of temporary housing, dining, fitness, recreation, social events & lifestyle enrichment.

You are not the first, and you won’t be the last, but find a way out, over, or through.

From Lessons from a Recovering Postdoc (Thanks, Stephanie Huang)

Labs, Data & Resources

ECOLabs© will exist as both mobile and destination laboratories located in key regions throughout the US and Canada, and later in cities seeking growth throughout the world. These labs will include state-of-the-art research technology, supercomputers and 3-D scanning, routing, printing and prototyping technologies.

Improbable Technology Accelerator

This accelerator will help venture teams identify technology and tools that will benefit their development and operations. It will also serve to identify outdated and obsolete technology that should be purged or repurposed. 

Buyers & Producers Coop

The coop will include providers of 3D prototyping technologies, hardware, software, travel and accommodations, furnishings and more, giving entrepreneurs and inventors special discounts and access from trusted coop vendors.

Crowdsourcing & Data Analytics

Ventures may choose crowdsourced peer reviewing by qualified global professionals, providing direction and helping founders to avoid an awkward pivot down the road.
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