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Member-only cooperatives where investors, advisors and entrepreneurs buy and save, produce and sell

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"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage," said Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. BrightChange wants to help innovative entrepreneurs and inventors to do just that. That's why we are partnering with  Buyers & Producers Cooperative (Coop) and garnering members for our Manufacturers Collaborative (Collab).

The Coop and Collab combine as a powerful force to help ventures spend wisely and develop relationships with vendors and manufacturers who share the BrightChange Vision.

There is no better way to support emerging entrepreneurs than to help them produce and manufacture with reliable partners, buying cheap and selling to members who believe in BrightChange.

The bright people who join this movement to help patent holders and business owners drive their products to market believe in strengthening the economy and creating sustainable growth in neighborhoods across America and throughout the world.

BrightChange  believes that our network, resources and funding strategy based on the Beacon Model© is a real solution for commercializing American innovation through bootstrapping Main Street.

Learn more about BrightChange's role in ensuring that innovation is commercialized.

If you don't have a competitive advantage, DON'T COMPETE!

Creating cooperative relationships foster quality, trust and mutual benefits. (Thanks, Jack Welch)

Join the Buyers & Producers Cooperative

BrightChange will offer member access to the Buyers & Producers Cooperative. This coop will  enable venture teams, advisors and investors exclusive discounts on hardware, software, office equipment and furnishings, food and beverage, travel, logistics, hotels, entertainment and more.

Buy and Sell to BrightChange Members

The coop will enable ventures and BEST Advisors to sell their products and services within the trusted BrightChange member network, offering special promotions and advertising through aiWeek Media and other BrightChange relationships. 

Join the Manufacturers Collaborative

BrightChange will facilitate the development of a Manufacturers Collaborative, a global network of production and import/export experts committed to building relationships that help emerging companies produce and distribute rapidly.

To Market to Market

BrightChange will support new companies to reach the markets they seek through the use of rich data, the latest technology and trusted BEST Advisors.
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