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Education, scholarships & data bright entrepreneurs need: ECO Edu©

Collaborative, open source knowledge and tools to help socially- and environmentally-responsible venture teams, investors and communities grow smarter.

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Education powers factories that produce jobs and revitalize communities. Innovation is everywhere and the Beacon Model© will help entrepreneurs, EB-5 Visa founders, postdocs and students to get their ideas into action, into production, into distribution and into our hands as consumers.

Cities and towns in every free state (that coordinates with the SEC) can achieve sustainable economic growth if new business and industry locates in unused buildings, warehouses and factories and in localities in need of revitalization and smart growth. BrightChange wants to work with community leaders interested in bootstrapping community growth by welcoming our members' scalable ventures.

Civic leaders can attract aiWeek Media's hot new companies (with their ESOPs) by supporting local colleges, trade schools, logistics and venture fundraising — NOT by sacrificing local revenue.

But that is only one part of the equation, because companies and factories need quality workers. These employees must have affordable, high quality technical training to compete on a global level. Families need brighter futures and BrightChange can help them to obtain the technical and science education and training that will enable them to live comfortably.

Additionally, employees need to feel a part of their companies' priorities and success. Many member ventures will be employee-owned ESOPs, proven to have higher growth and longevity because their employees are invested in their success, personally and socially, driving successful business within their communities.

Educators and civic leaders can become BEST Advisors and subscribe to aiWeek Media in order to jump into the Virtuous Circle© inspired by the Beacon Model© of financing innovation through alternatives to venture capital.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire and ECOEdu© is ablaze!

A belief that the power of knowledge, plus the energy of community, burns down barriers of economic growth. (We couldn't agree more, William Butler Yeats.)

BrightOnline Courses & Mentoring

Through BrightOnline, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors can continue to expand and fine tune their skills and knowledge with online courses specially designed to meet the unique needs of today's STEM inventors, innovative entrepreneurs, students and postdocs, professional advisors and community-minded investors.

The BrightChange Library

Venture teams need to access case studies, hard-to-find books, research journals, investment, business and entrepreneurial literature. Many of these resources are hard to obtain or are accessed at a high cost. The BrightChange Library will seek to save unnecessary costs that can be shared or provided as open source. Share your feedback about what you would like housed in our library.

BIP Scholarships, Venture & STEM Awards

Beacon Investment Partners, the primary sponsor of BrightChange, will provide scholarships and awards to the brightest ventures, entrepreneurs, EB-5 founders, postdocs and students. Special focus of scholarships will be in areas where STEM education and computer science training can have the highest impact.

BrightEdu Community Empowerment

BrightChange will develop programs to ignite change at the grassroots level, empowering citizens to access existing and developing technological resources and strategies to bootstrap their neighborhoods, provide meaningful training to community leaders and help residents receive high-tech training that leads to local jobs that enable them to thrive and achieve their dreams.
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