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Protect Yourself with BEST Due Diligence

Vetting Accredited Investors, Startup Companies, Entrepreneurs and Venture Teams

Qualify Accredited Investors | Verify Emerging Ventures | Join the Buyers & Producers Credit Union | Find Patent Synergies

Thorough, independent due diligence will be conducted by the BEST Due Diligence team to provide investors with unbiased, detailed BEST Due Diligence Reports on emerging ventures. These highly researched reports will provide investors with the data and confidence they need to invest in disruptive, early-stage ventures featured on our sponsor aiWeek Media and other community financing portals.

The due diligence team will also perform due diligence on accredited investors in compliance with the rules and regulations for Regulation A (of 1933) to ensure that investors meet the standards for investing.

Additionally, BEST Due Diligence will research existing  patents and find synergies with other filings that will enable member entrepreneurs to strengthen and increase the scale of their already disruptive ventures.

BEST Due Diligence Specialists assemble to perform due diligence based on the unique nature of the research required on each venture. Learn more about becoming a BEST Advisor if you'd like to conduct due diligence research

Imagination is more important than knowledge, except when it comes to DUE DILIGENCE

Research that is independent, thorough, customized, detailed. (Sorry, Albert Einstein.)

Qualify Accredited Investors

On behalf of the B&P Credit Union, BEST Advisors conduct independent Due Diligence on Accredited Investors from across the globe, prequalifying them to invest in Regulation A securities offerings featured on aiWeek Media or any community financing opportunities, helping venture teams comply with SEC rules.

Verify Emerging Ventures

Investors can order independent, detailed BEST Due Diligence Reports on early-stage ventures and their founders featured as daily investment deals on aiWeek Media.

Join the Buyers & Producers Credit Union

BrightChange member investors, advisors and entrepreneurs will be invited to enjoy Buyers & Buyers Credit Union benefits like its single-source solution for vetting accredited investors, coordinating buyer/seller transactions and securing "set aside" holdings for advisors who work for start-up ventures.

Find Patent Synergies

BEST Advisors will create a database of patents with search parameters enabling inventors and entrepreneurs to find other patents to augment and improve their ventures. 
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