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We'd love to create a role for you in BrightChange!

BrightChange needs people like you who believe that US and EB-5 inventors and innovators should be able to get their ideas and products to market. People who believe that entrepreneurs should retain control of their companies. People who believe investors should have fabulous opportunities for high returns. People who believe that community leaders should create sustainable economic growth in their own neighborhoods.

BrightChange can illuminate this path to prosperity, so please join our effort as an advisor, coach or mentor of emerging ventures or as a board advisor or as a philanthropic contributor... We also welcome bloggers who wish to share their stories related to the vision of BrightChange.

Your leadership can help us launch and shape BrightChange to help entrepreneurs, investors, employees and neighborhoods to build sustainable, healthy economic futures. Become part of a movement that will change economic growth and prosperity across America.

Please call George Beard at 305.735.3827 or email us below to become involved today.

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