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Why become a BEST Advisor?

BEST BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce

BEST Advisors (BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce) work with some of the brightest emerging inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, PostDocs and EB-5 Visa founders in America. Venture teams excel with the guidance of BEST mentors, coaches and specialized service professionals who will help venture teams get ideas and products to market quickly. 

BrightChange envelopes entrepreneurs with the funding strategies and resources they need to pursue and augment patents, access 3D  scanning, routing, prototyping and fabrication, develop, test, manufacture and distribute their products and services. BEST Advisors help entrepreneurs identify and mobilize the legal, financial, scientific, medical, environmental and engineering experts required for a successful launch through their Regulation A public offering to listings on the TSX-V, the Canadian venture stock exchange and subsequent interlistings on an American stock exchange for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

BEST Advisors is an international collaborative community of highly experienced, proven professionals. Interested professionals and Business Angels may apply for consideration. Membership in BEST is free and requires no further obligation.

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BEST Advisors provide both pro bono and ad hoc, per diem rate services for high growth, disruptive, scalable emerging ventures on demand and as needed. Learn more below about how to join and the terrific benefits, perks and rewards BEST Advisors enjoy—beyond knowing that you'll help American innovation invigorate the economy and stimulate jobs in communities most in need of sustainable growth.

Advisor rewards are far more than simply serving emerging companies


How to Join BEST

Professionals who want to support the growth of emerging ventures may apply to join BEST Advisors. When an opportunity to help a venture team matches skills, a member of the BEST Review Board will reach out to discuss applicants' interests and participation.

aiWeek Media's member venture teams will access BEST Advisors through their set-aside funds to obtain the guidance and services they need for financial, legal, development, production, distribution, systems and logistics, marketing, advertising, PR, customer care and other critical professional services.

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Advisor Rewards

In return for BEST members’ commitment and expertise, highly contributing advisors will have the option to purchase Founders’ Units with EO-IPO Rights at 1/1000th of a penny which, within approximately five years, following a self-fulfilling capitalization plan that includes listing on Canada’s exchange, the TSX-V, and subsequent interlisting on a US Exchange (NYSE or NASDAQ) after exercising accompanying EO-IPO rights, anticipated to be valued between $7 to $8 per share.

BEST Advisors are invited to become members of the Buyers & Producers Coop and the B&P Credit Union. Benefits of coop membership include discounted goods and services, the ability to promote advisor services on aiWeek Media at significant savings and the opportunity to sell advisors' goods and services through the coop to BrightChange members.

Advisors may seek low interest loans and other buyer /seller credit services from the B&P Credit Union, and also be assured of payment by venture teams whose set-aside funds for paying advisors will be held in their credit union account.

BEST Advisors may also contribute to the growth of  emerging ventures by joining their management teams, adding the value of their specialized expertise, experience and insights.

Complimentary membership rewards from  aiWeek Media.

Advisors Also Receive

BEST advisors will also receive a complimentary membership to, an online investor-venture daily dealflow video collaboration portal teeming with financial, business and STEM research, commentary, blogs, editorial content, lifestyle resources, member-only auctions and classifieds, BEST of aiWeek recommendations and rewards programs, networking and clubs, special events live and online, community connections and so much more.

BEST Advisors have special access to promote their services to ventures and other subscribers of aiWeek Media, as well as enjoying membership benefits of the Buyers & Producers Coop and B&P Credit Union.

Become a BEST Advisor if you would like to join to serve emerging-growth, disruptive new ventures on the path to going public.

Intellectual Property, Patent and Business Attorneys
Financial and Banking Services
Environmental Sciences
Administrative Services
 Privacy and CyberSecurity Services  
GPS and Location Services
Recruiting, HR and Talent
 Retail and Sales  
Travel and Hospitality
Import and Export Managers
Biomedical - Life Sciences
Research Scientists
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