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Beacon Investment Partners Sponsors BrightChange for Emerging Companies Who Need Funding and Growth

We call it the Beacon Model©. It is a local start-up venture's essential blueprint for the self-fulfilling series of capitalizations needed for hockey-stick growth.

beacon cardBrightChange is an integral part of BrightECO©, the economic growth ecosystem inspired by Beacon Investment Partners, LLC (Beacon-BIP)'s Beacon Model©. In this ecosystem, BrightChange provides the professional network of advisors called BEST, unbiased, detailed BEST Due Diligence Reports on emerging ventures, ECOLabs© for inventors' and innovators' use and ECO Factory©, a manufacturing collaborative to support new products track to market.

Watch the Virtuous Circle© presentation which illustrates how BrightChange is absolutely essential to the successful turn of the Virtuous Circle. As you will see, successful ventures who were once supported by the services of BrightChange pledge to give their first $1 million back to BrightChange in support other ventures in need of "bright changes," as well.

Beacon Investment Partners, LLC (Beacon-BIP) actively supports BrightChange's development through contributions of expertise, sponsorship and serving as advisors.

The mission of Beacon Investment Partners, LLC (Beacon-BIP) is to capture the demonstrated flexibility and the increased profit potential of public stock offerings to finance entrepreneurial companies in their earliest stages of growth. Our larger mission is to lead an international movement in the use of public stock offerings for companies with exceptional growth potential that need to go beyond the present limitations of venture capital funds.

By judicious mezzanine lending to creditworthy growth companies, Beacon expects to earn a steady stream of interest that will, in and of itself, permit estimated dividends of at least eight percent to Common shareholders in one or more Beacon-managed business development companies (BDCs). In addition, the BDC’s public shareholders and its client entrepreneurs alike may have unprecedented opportunities to achieve capital gains from public leveraging of investments in highly-select seed / early-stage opportunities.

What is more, the goal of Beacon's international “IPO Express” team is to see to it that any Beacon client company can expect to go public within less than a year of signing an agreement with Beacon. Beacon is fully committed to the promise of game-changing innovation as well as adherence to the highest standard of integrity.

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INTEGRITY - Beacon Investment Partners' Pledge to Shareholders, Clients and Staff

At Beacon Investment Partners, LLC, (Beacon-BIP), our most precious asset is our integrity and we intend to keep it that way. We make no apology for being aggressive in earning attractive investment returns for shareholders and others, but we refuse to bend the rules or cut corners or engage in unethical behavior to benefit anyone, including ourselves.

Where do we look for integrity? Operating a business requires so many elements that it is a challenge of the highest order to be forthright in every detail. Yet, we believe honesty is entirely possible and truth is absolutely necessary for long-term shareholder and corporate client trust.

What are the underpinnings of integrity? We can look to court decisions and government regulation as the determining factors in the general environment for the conduct of business. Business and law schools teach extensively on this subject nationally.¹ We can look to the self-regulatory policies and practices of our industry, the financial services industry – inadequate as those have been in the past. We can look to the corporate resolutions and bylaws of leading companies.

We can look to the best practices of exemplary companies in our industry or other less regulated industries. But these sources are not the complete answer by any means. Unless we look within ourselves, we are convinced we will not find the answers. Therefore, the integrity of the people who operate a company from the CEO to the receptionist, is the ultimate test we seek to apply to ourselves and to others.

Integrity boils down to far more than being prepared to always do what you say you are doing in business, or saying what you are doing most of the time. It requires a moral basis for judging business decisions and treatment of others by what is right or wrong, good and desirable or bad and harmful, fair and just or unfair and unjust to others; and in the final analysys, in the public interest or not.²

Doing well by doing good

We expect to do well by doing good and, by doing well, to be in a position to do good for both shareholders and the general public.

Ironically, in America and other Western countries, the general public believes in a capitalistic order that has generated great private wealth; yet business profit has traditionally been a dirty word. Interest on loans is necessary but to much of the general public, profit is equated with exploitation.

We believe that robust gain is entirely consistent with honest management given the necessary level of professional competence and integrity.

A word of clarification, BIP is not engaging in anything more than shoptalk when we stress the pivotal importance of integrity in our business dealings. While we are not on a general campaign for social justice or moral rearmament, we do believe that doing our part to elevate standards of conduct for everyday business can produce unexpected dividends. Returns that go well beyond profit for the general public and for ourselves.

At Beacon, integrity is thus our most indispensable asset. We look within ourselves for its source. Integrity is not for sale at Beacon, at any price.

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