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BrightChange Sponsor aiWeek Media Presents Deals to Investors

aiWeek Media is an interactive media portal offering unbiased financial, investment, entrepreneurial and STEM research and commentary which provides subscribing members – AIs (accredited investors), civic leaders and everyday citizens in free states – with member-only access to emerging, high growth investment deals.

aiWeek subscribers can greatly enhance their financial literacy about opportunities to bootstrap their communities by investing in select emerging ventures, driving jobs and economic development in their own neighborhoods and cities.

Community leaders can bootstrap their hometowns!

Through joining BEST Advisors, mayors, economic development councils, school boards, community development financing corporations, and credit union board members who seek to strengthen their economic sustainability in SEC-coordinating free states can bootstrap their local economies by identifying and supporting start-up ventures with high growth potential.

By subscribing to aiWeek Media, these ventures can jump into the Virtuous Circle©, and receive full BrightChange support, including successful public funding opportunities.

Once participating in the BrightChange economic growth ecosystem, BrightECO© which is inspired by the Beacon Model© for corporate financing, these new BrightVentures© can grow, retain strong ownership positions and incorporate as employee-owned companies, known as ESOPs. Employee ownership inspires pride, company commitment and community investment, powerful benefits proven to create more sustainable local economic growth.

After viewing online narrated presentations and reading confidential independent BEST Due Diligence Reports on emerging aiWeek BrightVentures©, prospective investors meet face-to-face online with venture teams.

»Watch here if your browser is not configured for you to view the presentation.

aiWeek Media - Daily Dealflow of Pre-IPO Ventures with Due Diligence

Annual subscriptions to aiWeek Media are a tremendous value at $188/year. Community Leaders receive a 75% discount at $47/per year. For a limited time, BEST Advisor applicants who invite another joining Advisor receive a full one-year subscription to aiWeek at NO COST. 

Members with scalable, disruptive ventures presenting deals to curious investors are supported by the BrightChange ecosystem, BrightECO©.

As a central resource of BrightECO©, BrightChange provides detailed, independent BEST Due Diligence Reports, a coordinated team of advisors through BEST, as well as a self-fulfilling funding with standby-underwriting (through financial service syndications) leading inevitably to ventures raising millions and trading on the TSX-V exchange, after proof of concept, within one year!

aiWeek Media also delivers provocative content, engaging investors and entrepreneurs in meaningful dialogues and shared case studies. Members will have exclusive access to exclusive collaborative clubs, special events, seminars, trips and secure video conferences, “Best of aiWeek” rewards and recommendations, member-only luxury auctions, high-end classified offerings, luxury goods and services.

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