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Ignite a Glowing Economy through BrightChange

Illuminating the Path to Prosperity for Students, PostDocs, Innovators, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Investors, EB-5 Visa Investors, Advisors, Manufacturers, Employees, Philanthropists & Communities Seeking Economic Growth with Sustainability

Our MISSION at BrightChange is to accelerate entrepreneurial innovations through advisors,  IP, technology, due diligence, funding strategies, a cooperative, library and educational features facilitating new venture commercialization, growth and trading, ultimately reviving the American economy.

Fab Lab Similar to ECO Lab- Photo by HJ Barraza
Resources for inventors and innovators

Shining a Beacon

BrightChange will shine its beacon on inventions and innovations that remain in darkness without finances to pay for advisors, patents, intellectual property protection, due diligence, lawyers, accountants, prototyping and fabrication, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, advertising and shipping and distribution.

Our mission is to provide graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, innovators, inventors, scientists and emerging entrepreneurs, including those seeking the net worth to pay for an EB-5 Visa, with fully-funded collaborative resources, environments for conducting research and pursuing patents, intellectual property protection, 3D prototyping and fabrication, licensing and publicly-funded business ventures as an alternative to university or corporate research and development.

Scientists, postdocs, researchers and early-stage venture teams will have freedom and opportunities for experimentation, ideation and knowledge sharing, while BrightChange connects them with public funding opportunities, education, a manufacturers' collaborative, the Producers & Buyers Coop for savings and selling, the P&B Credit Union which will vet potential investors and highly accomplished advisors, coaches and mentors.

Providing Vital Resources

The BrightChange collaborative will develop research institutes and other accessible resources throughout the United States, including New York City, Seattle, the Silicon Valley and Washington DC, Canada in Kitchener; and many vibrant cities throughout North America and the world.

BrightChange ECOLabs© will provide accelerated development, prototyping and fabrication labs, including 3D laser scanners, routers, cutters and printers, collaborative workspaces, data centers and supercomputers, financial, security, legal, business, BEST Due Diligence, administrative and other key support resources, including BrightChange's Improbable Technology Accelerator.

These welcoming locations will offer venture teams and their mentors the creature comforts of temporary housing, dining, fitness, recreation, social events and many valued lifestyle benefits.

Driving the Dream

The BrightChange BEST Ecosystem called (BrightECO©) will also provide access to network vetted advisors, mentors and detailed due diligence to support ventures as the founding team drives their idea or invention to market and onto the Toronto Stock Exchange - Venture (TSX-V), within one year of proof of concept. When early investors and EB-5 Visa applicants elect to exercise their EO-IPO allocation rights, an emerging growth company will be positioned to interlist via a direct, qualified NYSE or Nasdaq IPO even if bulge bracket investment bankers consider "the IPO window closed."

BrightChange believes everyone should have access to achieving the American Dream and the dreams of billions of others throughout the world.


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